Final Result of Delhi Police

Final Result of Delhi Police – DIRECT RECRUITMENT OF CONSTABLE (EXECUTIVE) MALE IN DELHI POLICE – 2013 Final Result as per The Roll Number wise List of provisionally selected candidates for the post of Constable (Executive) Male for Written Test held on 16-Nov-2014 is as under:

1. UR/GEN – Open (236) :
101235 (Gen), 102501 (Gen), 102502 (Gen), 102669 (OBC), 102753 (Gen), 102779 (Gen), 102945 (Gen), 103078 (Gen), 105766 (Gen), 105791 (Gen), 105842 (Gen), 105858 (Gen), 105942 (Gen), 106137 (OBC), 106180 (Gen), 108586 (ST), 108769 (Gen), 108878 (Gen), 108971 (Gen), 109221 (Gen), 109924 (Gen), 111941(Gen), 112123(Gen), 112141(Gen), 112174(OBC), 112269(OBC), 112409(Gen), 112450(Gen), 115053(Gen), 115093(Gen), 115119(OBC), 115423(OBC), 115468(Gen), 115484(Gen), 115592(OBC), 115792(Gen), 115815(Gen), 116302(OBC), 116371(OBC), 116440(Gen), 116484(OBC), 117057(Gen), 117071(OBC), 117122(Gen), 117181(Gen), 117256(OBC), 117300(OBC), 117331(Gen), 117396(Gen), 117397(Gen), 117398(OBC), 117429(Gen), 117525(Gen), 117650(Gen), 117737(SC), 117781(OBC), 117829(OBC), 117921(Gen), 118031(OBC), 118082(OBC), 118215(Gen), 118287(Gen), 118321(OBC), 118483(Gen), 118512(Gen), 118632(Gen), 118646(Gen), 118658(Gen), 119016(Gen), 119293(Gen), 119360(Gen), 119366(Gen), 119831(Gen), 119868(Gen), 119913(Gen), 119992(Gen), 120060(OBC), 120075(Gen), 120157(OBC), 120243(OBC), 120284(OBC), 120401(Gen), 120495(Gen), 120525(OBC), 120867(Gen), 121189(Gen), 121205(Gen), 121380(Gen), 121449(OBC), 121563(OBC), 121564(Gen), 121666(Gen), 121697(OBC), 121854(Gen), 122190(Gen), 122317(OBC), 122351(Gen), 122540(OBC), 122568(Gen), 122760(OBC), 122770(OBC), 122793(OBC), 122818(Gen), 123179(Gen), 123329(OBC), 123387(Gen), 123539(Gen), 123594(OBC)
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123741(Gen), 123768(OBC), 123771(Gen), 123847(Gen), 123898(OBC), 123952(OBC), 123964(OBC), 123976(OBC), 124072(Gen), 124177(OBC), 124202(Gen), 124212(OBC), 124277(OBC), 124659(Gen), 124688(Gen), 124714(Gen), 124799(Gen), 124972(Gen), 125280(OBC), 126227(OBC), 126935(OBC), 127352(Gen), 128040(Gen), 128220(OBC), 128240(OBC), 128353(Gen), 128482(OBC), 129003(Gen), 129361(OBC), 130306(Gen), 131224(OBC), 131257(Gen), 131278(Gen), 131386(Gen), 131665(Gen), 132541(Gen), 132590(Gen), 132797(OBC), 133030(OBC), 133041(Gen), 133048(Gen), 133336(Gen), 133714(Gen), 133945(Gen), 134284(OBC), 134344(Gen), 134630(Gen), 134947(Gen), 136380(Gen), 136467(Gen), 136982(OBC), 137391(OBC), 137502(Gen), 137562(Gen), 137590(Gen), 137778(Gen), 137781(OBC), 138010(Gen), 138459(OBC), 138879(Gen), 139124(OBC), 139265(OBC), 139292(SC), 139634(Gen), 139642(Gen), 140245(OBC), 140963(Gen), 141076(OBC), 141783(OBC), 142141(OBC), 142210(OBC), 142498(OBC), 142570(OBC), 142596(Gen), 142689(OBC), 142935(OBC), 142999(OBC), 143000(Gen), 143200(Gen), 143238(Gen), 143518(Gen), 143528(Gen), 143717(OBC), 144208(Gen), 144691(SC), 144702(OBC), 144787(Gen), 144863(Gen), 145297(Gen), 145710(Gen), 146017(Gen), 146100(OBC), 146111(Gen), 146126(Gen), 146244(SC), 146248(Gen), 146375(Gen), 146759(Gen), 147061(Gen), 147446(Gen), 147470(Gen), 147652(Gen), 147760(Gen), 147848(Gen), 147875(Gen), 147929(OBC), 147989(OBC), 148152(Gen), 148325(Gen), 148329(SC), 148353(Gen), 148396(OBC), 148459(Gen), 148545(Gen), 148710(OBC), 148713(OBC), 148815(OBC), 148836(Gen), 148875(Gen), 148876(Gen), 149259(Gen), 149282(Gen), 149547(OBC), 149588(Gen), 149692 (Gen), 149726 (OBC), 149746(Gen), 150090(Gen),

2. SC – Open (71):
100096(SC), 100242(SC), 101153(SC), 101229(SC), 101751(SC), 101785(SC), 104145(SC), 104444(SC), 105529(SC,) 105543(SC), 105724(SC), 105792(SC,,) 105884(SC), 106640(SC), 106753(SC), 106847(SC), 107326(SC), 107654(SC), 107717(SC), 107871(SC), 109770(SC), 110287(SC), 110560(SC), 111434(SC), 111548(SC), 112629(SC), 112772(SC), 113326(SC), 113819(SC), 113868(SC), 114084(SC), 114786(SC), 116758(SC), 119322(SC), 121231(SC), 121777(SC), 122068(SC), 122451(SC), 124675(SC), 125394(SC), 126147(SC), 126852(SC), 127280(SC), 127787(SC), 131010(SC), 133462(SC), 133635(SC), 135466(SC), 138408(SC), 138433(SC), 138501(SC), 138648(SC), 140009(SC), 141046(SC), 141631(SC), 141695(SC), 141841(SC), 142601(SC), 143818(SC), 144482(SC), 144501(SC), 144749(SC), 144879(SC), 145211(SC), 145490(SC), 146121(SC), 146335(SC), 147187(SC), 147251(SC), 147596(SC), 150007(SC)

3. ST – Open (36):
100028(ST), 100179(ST), 102106(ST), 102290(ST), 104094(ST), 106003(ST), 107250(ST), 108052(ST).

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108222(ST), 108323(ST), 108533(ST), 108569(ST), 109199(ST), 109765(ST), 110509(ST), 111552(ST), 113365(ST), 114062(ST), 115350(ST), 118486(ST), 118715(ST), 119361(ST), 121094(ST), 121394(ST), 122369(ST), 124979(ST), 125059(ST), 129362(ST), 131744(ST), 134073(ST), 139160(ST), 139695(ST), 141510(ST), 142706(ST), 143611(ST), 146125(ST).

4. OBC – Open (128):
100104(OBC), 100404(OBC), 100505(OBC), 100921(OBC), 100967(OBC), 101176(OBC), 101424(OBC), 101697(OBC), 101736(OBC), 101838(OBC), 101865(OBC), 102219(OBC), 102233(OBC), 102535(OBC), 103434(OBC), 103520(OBC), 103790(OBC), 104120(OBC), 104381(OBC), 104393(OBC), 104646(OBC), 104647(OBC), 104672(OBC), 104869(OBC), 105594(OBC), 105700(OBC), 106169(OBC), 106911(OBC), 107158(OBC), 107509(OBC), 107677(OBC), 107887(OBC), 107980(OBC), 108004(OBC), 108360(OBC), 108497(OBC), 108536(OBC), 109435(OBC), 109499(OBC), 109646(OBC), 109861(OBC), 110261(OBC), 110262(OBC), 110359(OBC), 110641(OBC), 111046(OBC), 111136(OBC), 111342(OBC), 112873(OBC), 112874(OBC), 113225(OBC), 113300(OBC), 113725(OBC), 114104(OBC), 114244(OBC), 114270(OBC), 114357(OBC), 114398(OBC), 114436(OBC), 115373(OBC), 115427(OBC), 115432(OBC), 116763(OBC), 116834(OBC), 117277(OBC), 117535(OBC), 117689(OBC), 117919(OBC), 118052(OBC), 118474(OBC), 118957(OBC), 119027(OBC), 119393(OBC), 119680(OBC), 120290(OBC), 120427(OBC)

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120849(OBC), 120885(OBC), 121392(OBC), 121834(OBC), 122053(OBC), 122425(OBC), 122779(OBC), 122973(OBC), 123563(OBC), 124261(OBC), 124333(OBC), 126087(OBC), 126887(OBC), 127495(OBC), 128084(OBC), 128584(OBC), 128814(OBC), 133068(OBC), 133579(OBC), 134238(OBC), 134801(OBC), 135235(OBC), 135525(OBC), 135756(OBC), 135770(OBC), 137435(OBC), 138410(OBC), 138421(OBC), 138652(OBC), 138701(OBC), 138702(OBC), 138960(OBC), 139020(OBC), 139084(OBC), 139332(OBC), 140634(OBC), 141343(OBC), 141437(OBC), 141796(OBC), 142130(OBC), 144116(OBC), 144966(OBC), 146812(OBC), 146872(OBC), 147627(OBC), 147763(OBC), 148142(OBC), 148638(OBC), 149005(OBC), 149109(OBC), 149243(OBC), 149498(OBC)

5. UR/GEN – Ex- Servicemen (Special) (13):
110079(Gen), 118707(Gen), 124916(OBC), 131157(ST), 135061(Gen), 138146(OBC), 138186(OBC), 138191(Gen), 141109(Gen), 141299(Gen), 143904(SC), 143908(Gen), 144416(OBC)
6. UR/GEN – Ex- Servicemen (Others) (13): ?
135070(OBC), 135072(Gen), 137626(Gen), 138109(Gen), 138142(OBC), 138156(Gen), 141000(OBC), 141107(Gen), 143864(Gen), 144119(OBC), 144120(Gen), 144400(OBC), 144413(Gen).

7. SC – Ex-Servicemen (Special) (02):
111524(SC), 144342(SC),

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8. SC – Ex-Servicemen (Others) (04):
135055(SC), 141167(SC), 141218(SC), 141297(SC)

9. ST – Ex-Servicemen (Special) (0) Nil

10. ST – Ex-Servicemen (Others) (0) Nil
11. OBC – Ex-Servicemen (Special) (04):
135030(OBC), 138165(OBC), 141170(OBC), 144415(OBC)

12. OBC – Ex-Servicemen (Others) (07):
144002(OBC), 144387(OBC), 144399(OBC), 144419(OBC), 144424(OBC), 149648(OBC), 150066(OBC)

The Additional List of candidates for the post of Constable (Executive) Male for Written Test held on 16-Nov-2014 is as under:
1. UR/GEN – Open (12) :
134518, 141948, 148816, 123389, 117566, 149212, 147822, 131928, 123164, 144164, 121060, 139511

2. OBC – Open (06):
113490, 106088, 124933, 130840, 140942, 141464

3. SC – Open (03):
107151, 117745, 122966

4. ST – Open (02):
143362, 103141

5. UR/GEN – Ex-Servicemen (Special) (01):

6. OBC – Ex-Servicemen (Special) (0): Nil

7. UR/GEN – Ex-Servicemen (Others) (01):

8. OBC – Ex-Servicemen (Others) (01):