Syllabus of SSC Recruitments

Syllabus of SSC Recruitments-2015:- Eligible candidates will be exam with standard questions in Engineering Subject will be approximately of the level of Diploma in Engineering (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical) from a recognized Institue, Board or University recognized by All India Board of Technical Education. All the questions will be sent in SI units. The details of the syllabus are given below:-

i) General Intelligence & Reasoning:
ii) General Awarness:
iii) General Engineering (Civil and Sttructural), (Electrical & Mechanical):

Part-A:- Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering
Part-B:- Electrical Engineering
Part-C:- Mechanical Engineering

Part-A:- Civil & Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
i) Building Materials
ii) Estimate, Costing and Valluation
iii) Surveying
iv) Soil Mechanics
v) Hydraulics
vi) Irigation Engineering
vii) Transportation Engineering
viii) Environmental Engineering

Structural Engineering
i) Theory of Structures
ii) Concrete Technology
iii) RCC Design
iv) Steel Design

Part-B: – Electrical Engineering
i) Basic Concepts
ii) Circuit Law
iii) Magnetic Circuit
iv) AC Fundamentals
v) Measurement and measuring instruments
vi) Electrical Machines
vii) Synchronous Machines
viii) Generation, Transportation and Distribution
ix) Estimate and costing
x) Utilization of Electrical Energy
xi) Basic Electronics

Part-C: – Mechanical Engineering
i) Theory of Machines and Machine Design
ii) Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials
iii) Thermal Engineering
Properties of Pure Substances
1st Law of Thermodynamics
2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Air standard cycles for IC engines
Rankine cycle of steam

iv) Fluid Mechanics & Machinery
Properties & Classification of Fluid
Fluid Statics
Measurement of Fluid Pressure
Fluid Kinematics
Dynamics of Ideal Fluids
Measurement of Flow rate basic principles
Hydraulics Turbines
Centrifugal Pumps

v) Production Engineering
Classification of Steels